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tsunami channeltsunami Channel
   Strangely charismatic manga. There is one big story, and a few smaller stories featured on this website. Story-telling and composition-wise, this guy is above me. :'o
Campus LifeCampus Life
   This is one of the few webcomics I've enjoyed reading and following, until it died gosh... two years ago. I still remember this webcomic like it was alive yesterday. :'( I miss it so.
Simon's WorldSimon's World
   Simon's webcomic. Simon's the guy who introduced me to keenspace from my old days at topcities. The comic itself features the rather wacky adventures of many characters living in a fantasy video game world.
Ghost Hunters
   The pictures are pretty good, and the story is somewhat captivating too. It seems like an interesting manga.
the ineffableThe Ineffable
   I forget why I linked to this site. It seems rather dead and rather low quality at the moment.
   I really like the backgrounds on this webcomic, as few as that my be. Although it took some time to adjust to the webcomic creator's style, as a fellow webcomic creator myself, I know how hard it is to keep to one story, and this person's been keeping at it for five chapters. That's quite a commendable achievement.
   I forget why I link this online manga either... I guess it impressed me at one point... hmm
dungeon damage.
   This webcomic started off as a comic but is now just a ranting ground of the creator. One neat thing about this webcomic is that you can see how much the creator has chagned skill-wise since starting this comic.
Anthropomorphic HardwareAnthropomorphic Hardware
   Maybe it's because I'm into computers a little bit myself, but I found this webcomic rather enjoyable. The webcomic tells the story of a computer, a monitor, and one very crazy power drill.
The Lounge
   A webcomic interesting in it's own ways. It started off as a comic strip style webcomic (like Snoopy) but nowadays it is a bigger 3:5 sized comic. The picutres looks very manga inspired.
Capsule Girl
   I don't know if this comic is alive or not, but by the looks of all the broken graphics and missing comics, I think it would be safe to say this comic is dead.
Seasons of Constancy
   The creator has gone on an indefinite hiatus. The style that this comic is drawn in is a little floppy, or inconsistant, but it has it's funny moments and rather flattering moments as well. It's unfortunate to see such an established (at least fans-wise) webcomic stop. ...hopefully the hiatus won't become a webcomic death...
Deity Permit
   This comic is pretty well drawn.. hmm.. that's all I can say, since I haven't bothered to read the story yet.
   Looks like the perfect comic for anyone who's seen a good chunk of anime. XD the pictures are cute and the story so far seems interesting. I wonder how this webcomic will turn out...
   Right now this site isn't much, but I'll looking foward to seeing it grow.
Asylum: The twisted mind of RedstormAsylum: The twisted mind of Redstorm
   A rather amateur looking ... webcomic? I'm not sure.
   Great penwork. ;d ... reminds me of JTHM for some reason. ...that's because I'm uneducated XD
Security Blanket
   A webcomic that looks awfully inspired by the drawing style of Sailor Moon anime version. XD The plot might not be so inspired by anything though.
I Come From Mars
   Whoa... a first. A comic that I actually sat and read from page one to page last in one sitting because it was good. It's got some very good artwork, easy to follow layout, some pretty impressive manga techniques.... I say it's definitely worth a read.
An Age of Dreams
   XD another fantasy manga story. The drawings are slightly shakey but also well drawn.
Sam and Jean
    The comic starts off as a "What if I start a comic" and then moves on as a parody of card captor sakura and then umm... becomes your usual four box webcomic? XD it's kind of interesting... what's going on...??
LAX Light MotionLAX Light Motion
    Mmmmm. Sketchy comics...
Reflections of Immortality
   For some reason this webcomic reminds me way too much of Hellsing... Maybe the creator's a fan of satanic anime..? XD
The Who GirlThe Who Girl
    Good professional looking drawings and interesting looking plot in an american comic format. XD I found it through the site.
Sokora Refuges
   Much like the comic listed above this one, this comic also has manga-like images, but the layout of the comic itself is american comic style. I wonder if both webcomic creators are actually american comic creators merely drawing in "manga" style, whatever that means. >>;;
Alice in Roboland
   A very stylized webcomic. It has a very strong independant studio feel to it. It's nice to see something that looks different and new in a while. Two Minds
   Character anatomy and page lay out's kind of lousy sometimes, but it is kind of interesting to see american ideas blending in (well and poorly) with japanese manga format.
   Good drawings with the annoying right to left crap. Check it out check it out :o and Sam
   :'D if I had friends, these might be the kind of jokes we'd say to each other.
Red String
   The red string idea is a very japanese concept... but a foreigner has borrowed the idea and created a comic...
^^;; how ironic.
The face proportions really bug me, but otherwise it's a readable comic. :o I wonder how the 'red string' idea will be commented or used in the webcomic..?
   I definitely have a thing against comics drawn from the right way to the wrong way, but this comic is also pretty well drawn. :o read read!

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