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Dragonwings book report
  This is a small part of the actual Dragonwings novel, written by Lawrence Yep, drawn into comic form. I remember it being part of a book report. My english teacher, who was most impressed with my project, gave me an A++ :'D (I wonder if that's a real grade?) It's old (like late 2001 old) so the pictures are going to be awkward here and there. XD ah well. I've improved since three years ago, thankfully. ( Read Comic ) Chapter 1 Complete

Next Update: June 2005
  Holly is a role-model in her middle school who has lead a peaceful conflictless life until she becomes involved with the school's biggest trouble maker Olen Carlson. What will happen between the two fo them and their peers? ( Read Comic )
Chapter 1 Complete

Next Update: July 2005
  This comic is a remake of a story I thought up of in 7th grade about a demon with white hair that disguises as a young girl and hunts for fresh people to eat. There's only one chapter so far, but this should continue... ( Read Comic ) completed story

The Legendary Magical Bird
  This is a short story I drew for the 2005(?) Tokyopop rising star manga contest. ...hmm I was very satisfied with this manga when I had just finished it, but now I see so many errors and typos and anatomical oddities.. (hides in shame) Click here to read it.
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the mangaka and the assistant
  This is another entry for the 2004 Tokyopop Rising Star manga contest. It's actually a clone of a sub-plot in "50 things to do as a teenager," although not the best imitation. (><;; it isn't even funny...!) If I remember correctly, this entry was finished too late to make the contest deadline. XD maybe that's why, but I often forget that I drew this. ( Read Comic ) hiatus

Sedin Saga
  Sedin Saga used to be my mon-wed-fri webcomic for a few weeks, until I eventually discovered games and forums and bittorrent and started spending most of my time being a geek. I reciever a lot of fan e-mail and fanart for Sedin Saga, so I must've be doing something right in this comic... oo;; I hope I can go back to mon-wed-fri updates one day. ( Read Comic )
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A Cloudy Day
  This comic was drawn for the tokyopop manga contest too, and it was my entry for the first tokoyopop manga contest. The story is based on a common ghost story in most korean schools in newly built cities.... and not very well depicted -_-; If I have time, I'd love to try again at the horror genre. ( Read Comic ) completed story

Junk Food Club: Sweet
  I drew this comic for a small convention at a local college and tried to sell it there.. XD but I wasn't able to sell much. I'm pretty sure I didn't even brake even with the cost to photocopy and bind the books. It was my first stab at teenager romance manga, and it turned out kind of choppy and confusing. ( Read Comic )
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Naomi thereafter
  I drew this comic for the school literacy magazine when I was a 9th grader, except it was too long for the magazine XD. Although I hadn't seen Evangelion yet, I was somewhat influenced by evangelion and Lost Universe when I drew this. I wanted to draw something future-ey. I can't believe I used to draw like this at one point. :'D It's already been almost 6 years since I've drawn this. ( Read Comic ) indefinitely on hiatus

  Anna is what this webcomic was supposed to be about. I drew this comic initially in MSPaint because I coulnd't figure out how to install the scanner (which is an antique from 1998 anyway). I started this comic without much planning except that I wanted to have something to do with robots... and then I stopped working on it. ( Read Comic )
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Random Rants
  A collection of various rant comics I've drawn about school or other things. Anything that isn't a series of its own is here. Other Things:
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